Anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, choleretic and effective in the dissolution of gallstones, well proven for more than 50 years. 

Mandatory Information

Gallith soft capsules

Area of application:

Gallith is used in adults to improve the condition of mild gallbladder complaints such as bloating and flatulence caused by known gallstones not requiring surgery.

Gallith is a traditional herbal medicinal product registered for its indication only based on longstanding use.

For risks and side effects, please ask your doctor and pharmacist.

Gallith is effective and safe in treating gallbladder complaints.

  • Fichier 2 Well-documented traditional medicinal plant with a long tradition in Germany and Asia.
  • Fichier 2 Ameliorates gallbladder complaints caused by known cholesterol gallstones.
  • Fichier 2 Only a few, mild side effects in long-term use.
  • Fichier 2 Unique purified herbal extract of the highest EU quality.
  • Fichier 2 Oral herbal medicinal product with beneficial effect in patients with hepatic-biliary system disorders.

The extract of Glechoma hederacea consists of a large number of pharmacologically active components with multiple effects that form the basis for the treatment of biliary discomfort.

• Litholytic

Dissolution of cholesterol gallstones

• Choleretic

Regulation of the gallbladder promoting the secretion of bile from the liver cells and increasing the bile flow.

• Liver-protective

Antioxidative effect protecting damaged liver cells.

• Anti-inflammatory

Reducing the inflammatory process in the gallbladder wall.

The inflammatory reaction can be caused by mechanical irritation attributable to gallstones and may be accompanied by complaints.

• Spasmolytic

Relaxation of the muscle cells in the bile ducts, facilitating the flow of bile.

• Antimicrobial

Advantages of Gallith

  • Fichier 2 A traditionally proven medicinal herb listed in important pharmacopoeias and monographs
  • Fichier 2 Continuous improvement of chronic gallbladder complaints with excellent tolerability in long-term use.
  • Fichier 2 Anti-inflammatory and simultaneously gallstone-dissolving plant extract, produced using a unique extraction method and traditionally used for decades.

Oral herbal medicinal product with beneficial effect in patients with hepatic-biliary system disorders:

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