Litholytic, cholagogic, liver-protective and highly efficacious for dissolving gallstones.

Mandatory Information

Hitrechol soft capsules

Area of application:

Dissolving gallstones. For early stages of cholesterol gallstones as well as solitary and multiple cholesterol gallstones.


Warning: Contraindication: Risks for pregnant women.

For risks and side effects, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Hitrechol is effective, safe and
reliable in treating cholelithiasis.

  • Fichier 2 Recommended by multiple domestic and foreign guidelines.
  • Fichier 2 Effective in dissolving gallstones with cholagogic and liver-protective functions.
  • Fichier 2 Safe and reliable, low adverse reaction rate in many years of clinical practice.
  • Fichier 2 EU standard, premium quality.

Extracted from Glechoma hederacea, Hitrechol has various pharmacological actions.

This plant extract has both anti-inflammatory and litholytic properties. In Europe, litholytic actions are mainly known from chemical substances such as UDCA and CDCA. Treatment of gallstones is based on the following pharmacological actions of Glechoma hederacea extracts:

• Litholytic

Dissolution of cholesterol gallstones.

• Cholagogic

Regulation of the gallbladder promoting the secretion of bile from the liver cells and increasing the bile flow.

• Liver-protective

Antioxidative effect protecting damaged liver cells.

• Anti-inflammatory

Reducing the inflammatory process in the gallbladder wall. The inflammatory reaction can be caused by mechanical irritation attributable to gallstones and may be accompanied by complaints.

• Spasmolytic

Relaxation of the muscle cells in the bile ducts, facilitating the flow of bile.

• Antimicrobial

Advanced manufacturing technologies, in line with EU production standards

  • Fichier 2 To control the quality of herbal medicine starting at the source.
  • Fichier 2 Use of advanced technologies to extract the most valuable herbal ingredients.
  • Fichier 2 The production process complies with the rigorous EU GMP standard and PIC/S.

Oral litholytic drugs for patients with cholelithiasis are recommended by many domestic and foreign guidelines.

Name of guideline &Recommendations for oral litholytic drugs

Chinese Consensus on the Medical Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Cholecystitis and Gallstones. (2018)

2016 Clinical Guidelines for Gallstones in Japan

Patients with negative X-ray examination results, cholesterol formation and normal biliary functions are advised to take oral litholytic therapy.
2014 Surgical and Nonsurgical Management of Gallstones by American Academy of Family Physicians.Patients can take oral litholytic therapy when surgery is not appropriate.
Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment of Cholelithiasis with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (2017)Oral litholytic therapy is recommended for asymptomatic patients.