Dissolving gallstones. For early stages of cholesterol gallstones as well as solitary and multiple cholesterol gallstones.
Not available in Germany.


  • Hitrechol is effective, safe and reliable in treating cholelithiasis.1-4
  • Low adverse reaction rate in many years of clinical practice.5
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies in line with EU production standards to control the quality of herbal medicine starting at the source.
  • Using advanced technologies to extract the most valuable herbal ingredients.
  • EU standard, premium quality.
  • Recommended by multiple domestic and foreign guidelines.6-8

Pharmacological effects

This plant extract has both anti-inflammatory and litholytic properties. In Europe, litholytic actions are primarily known from chemical substances such as UDCA and CDCA. Treatment of gallstones is based on the following pharmacological actions of Glechoma hederacea extracts: 9-13


Dissolution of cholesterol gallstones.


Reducing the inflammatory process in the gallbladder wall. The inflammatory reaction can be caused by mechanical irritation attributable to gallstones and may be accompanied by complaints.


Relaxation of muscle cells in the bile ducts, facilitating the flow of bile.


Mandatory Information

Hitrechol soft capsules


1 capsule contains:

Active ingredient:
Herb Hederae Terr. 0.2g per capsule (equivalent to Herb Hederae Terr. 0.2g)

Area of application:

Dissolving gallstones. For early stages of cholesterol gallstones as well as solitary and multiple cholesterol gallstones.


Contraindication: Risks for pregnant women.

For risks and side effects, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.


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