About Us

Founded in 1922, Pharma Evers is known for its expertise in high value herbal medicines made in Germany. Our research into high potency active herbals has pioneered the acceptance of efficacious herbal medications. Our longstanding success is built on the know-how of the complete process, from the natural plant to the finished product.

German Herbal Medicine

Innovative and effective herbal medicines

Cosmetic products

Skin regeneration using proven natural formulations

Evers’ values have been built on three basic principals over the last century:

Proven science, herbal benefits and our wonderful people

From these we derive our three key values:


We are pioneers in efficacious herbal drugs and both research and innovation have always been paramount. Our unique extraction processes, carefully selected plant sources and deep commitment to healthier lives all contribute to the natural purity of our products.


We are a team of scientists and conduct intensive trials on all our pharmaceuticals to confirm pharmacological effects. Strict European standards apply to everything we do in our laboratory and our expert team is strongly committed to quality.


The heart of Evers’ long success story is our employees – passionate experts. Our responsibility extends outside the laboratory to our suppliers whose collaborative relationships with Evers ensure the sustainability and consistency of our products.

A German family business

Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers GmbH & Co. KG has its roots in the family business of the brothers Walter and Paul Evers. Originally tea importers in Hamburg, Germany, they recognised the potential for herbal extractions – Paul was first to introduce Yerba mate to the German market, while Walter was passionate about natural pharmaceuticals and truly ahead of this time.

Research pioneers

As business boomed, in 1922 they founded their own laboratory and the ‘Pharma Evers’ story began. The brothers developed advanced extraction processes for the active ingredients of over 50 medicinal plants, supported by Paul’s expertise in sourcing teas from around the world.

Manufacturing begins

In 1933, Paul launched Pharmazeutische Fabrik Evers (Evers Pharmaceutical Factory) in Hamburg to increase manufacturing capacity. 

After the turmoil of the mid-20th century abated, Walter saw the opportunity in combining their pharmaceutical-grade herbal extracts to achieve enhanced pharmacological effects. He took over the company and built a team of scientists and pharmacists who shared his lifelong passion.


Eviprostat Launch

Having specialised in the urological and gastroenterological sector, 1953 was the next major milestone in the growth of Pharma Evers. Eviprostat was successfully launched into the German market – a combination of several herbal extracts treating the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia.

Responsible science

Always science-led, Walter was significantly involved in research and commissioning clinical studies to establish the safety and efficacy of each new drug. He demanded the highest standards of his team, product quality and proven pharmacological effect – strong German values that carry-through to the present day.

New facilities

In 1959 a new factory was built in Pinneberg, Germany. This strengthened our production and research facilities, which allowed Pharma Evers to expand its distribution outside Europe.

Success in Japan

Building on strong sales of Eviprostat in Europe, other products followed – as did export opportunities. Our story in Asia started in Japan, where Circanetten and Eviprostat were launched in 1967.

New Asian markets

Other markets were quick to recognise the health benefits of our unique German herbal pharmaceutical products and Pharma Evers now has a strong export presence in China, Hong Kong SAR, Thailand and Vietnam.

Brighter Life

Pharma Evers’ long heritage, strong German values and success in Asian markets formed the basis for a successful acquisition by Bright Future in 2018. Today we work in partnership for a brighter life, better future.

Better Future

With access to the research, marketing and manufacturing capability of a supportive, significant partner, Pharma Evers’ scientists are free to leverage their decades of experience in natural herbal extracts and follow fresh lines of enquiry with a long-term outlook. Together we use our expertise to formulate and manufacture new herbal products to benefit the health of our customers all over the world.